Airport Rates & Fees for FY15

The primary goals of the City of Prescott in operating, developing, and maintaining the Airport, are to assure safety, security, and financial responsibility to the benefit of the public. It is our policy to provide our customers with a quality facility and excellent customer service while striving to keep operating costs as low as possible.

Last year, City Council Adopted Ordinance No. 4178-1340 for the Airport Rates & Fees Schedule charged between August 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. Section 3 of the Ordinance provided that, “the fees to rent city-operated aircraft open tie downs, covered shade hangars, storage hangars, and storage units, as approved herein, may be increased annually after the effective date of the approved Schedule by the City Manager, in an amount not to exceed 2% above the cost of living increase during the preceding year, rounded to the next highest percent. Any increases in excess of the foregoing amount must be approved by the City Council.”

A one (1%) percent increase in rates for the storage hangars, covered shade hangars, open tie downs and storage units has been recommended for the next fiscal year. State requirements for posting a new or increased tax or fee include a 60-day posting requirement on the City’s website before it is approved or disapproved. In addition, the Aircraft Storage Rental Agreement requires “Any increases shall take effect not less than thirty (30) days after adoption of each such resolution”. Consistent with these requirements, the new Airport Rates & Fees Schedule, in its final form following receipt of the public comments and any adjustments made thereto, will take effect on July 1, 2014.

Please provide any direct feedback you may have regarding the proposed fees to the Airport at any time prior to May 31, 2014, via the attached comment form or by contacting the Airport Administration Office directly at 928-777-1114. As always, thank you for choosing to base your business and/or aircraft at Prescott Airport.