Prescott Airport Wins AZ 2014 Airport of the Year

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has named Prescott Municipal Airport – Ernest A. Love Field the 2014 Airport of the Year. The award was presented to Airport Manager Jeffrey Tripp and Airport Management Analyst Mary Catherine Tennant on April 29 at the Arizona Association of Airports annual conference in Yuma. This is the first time Prescott Airport has received this award.

“This award is recognition of the hard work and effort put forth by airport staff each and every day. We are very appreciative to receive this recognition from the ADOT Aeronautics Group,” said Airport Manager Jeffrey Tripp. “What makes this award so special is that the selection criteria represent a wide range of functional areas necessary to administer, operate, maintain and develop the airport. The Prescott Airport staff take tremendous pride in operating and maintaining the airport and its facilities, and this award is a validation of those efforts.”

Some of the airport’s major successes and accomplishments over the past year include:

1.  Completion of the $11 million runway safety project to shift the main runway 400 feet to the northeast;

2.  Development of airport budget cost centers to better manage airport revenues and expenditures;

3.  Development and implementation of an airport tour program and development of a new airport website;

4.  Participation and guest speaking at various organizations to include the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Homeowners groups, and Real Estate groups; and

5.  Guest lecturing on airport-related topics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

ADOT presented airport staff with an award plaque. A large award sign will be erected at the airport entrance road announcing Ernest A. Love Field as the 2014 Airport of the Year. Last fall, the Airport received the 2013 Airport Safety Award from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona for completion of the $11 million runway safety improvement project.

There are 114 airports across Arizona, 83 airports (including 11 privately owned airfields and 14 Native American owned airport) identified in ADOT’s system of airports. These 83 airports vary in size and serve different functions in meeting Arizona’s aviation and economic needs. This system of airports brings in approximately $38.5 billion per year to the state’s economy. As part of the award selection process, the Aeronautics Group reviews airport accomplishments in the areas of community relations, airport management, airport maintenance activities, and innovative activities and programs implemented at airports.

Ernest A. Love Field is owned and operated by the City of Prescott. The Airport supports an estimated 700 jobs and generates $69 million to the local economy each year. In 2013, the Airport experienced over 250,000 take-offs and landings, making it the 37th busiest airport in the country and the 4th busiest in the state. In 2013, over 5,000 passengers used the airport to connect to flights through Great Lakes Airlines.