Large Crowds at Wing Out West

On Saturday October 7th, an estimated 4,500 people attended the Wings Out West Air Show at Prescott Municipal Airport. The event was co-hosted by the City of Prescott and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. This show allowed the general public with any level of interest in aviation to mingle with pilots, explore a variety of different aircraft, and learn about what happens at our airport. Parking was located on the airfield, allowing the public an opportunity to drive on areas normally only used by aircraft.

Then of course there was the Air Show… Three performers took to the sky in their high performance aircraft to offer a variety of flips, rolls, and other impressive aerobatic maneuvers. Another act involved a parachutist descending with the American Flag as one of the planes circled her during the National Anthem. Many people commented on the entertainment of the comedic act where Kent Pietsch dropped “parts” from his airplane. Kent’s act was not advertised to try to keep it as a surprise for the crowd.

The coordination between ERAU the City of Prescott resulted in a huge success for this Air Show. Hopefully this event will continue in the future to allow the public to enjoy an air show at Prescott Municipal Airport every Fall.