Geographic Position Markings (GPM)

New Airfield Marking – Geographic Position Markers (GPM).

The layout of the Airport creates an environment where Air Traffic Control personnel are unable to have a direct visual site line to the portions of the aircraft parking areas. Tower often receives communications from pilots operating on the non-movement areas (the Bottleneck Hangars, the South Hangars, the Monarch Ramp and the Legend Aviation Ramp).

Because aircraft are often not visible from the tower cab, a pilot may be lulled into a false sense of security that they are being monitored because they are in contact with Ground Control. When Tower controllers are communicating with aircraft in the non-movement areas, the controller’s attention is diverted from monitoring aircraft on the movement areas.

During the 2013 Local Runway Safety Action Team meeting, it was suggested to implement the use of a new pavement marking at several locations on the field to assist ATC personnel. The Geographic Position Marker (GPM) is intended to help improve ramp flow and enhance safety; the benefit to the air traffic controllers (and pilots) will be to focus their attention on the movement area rather than searching for traffic on the non-movement areas.

To use the GPM, please use the following procedure:

  1. Prior to taxi, verify the current ATIS information.
  2. Taxi to the GPM point.
  3. When you are number one at the GPM contact Ground Control for your taxi clearance and identify which GPM point you are at (1W, 1X, 1Y or 1Z).
  4. Provide the Ground Controller with your aircraft type, call sign, direction of departure and appropriate ATIS code.

The official start date of the use of the GPM at the Bottleneck Hangars will be August 1st; the other locations will be determined in the near future. The Airport and Prescott Tower want to provide customers with sufficient time to learn about these new markings, their intended use, and how to use them prior to instituting the GPM program. For information about the GPM program, please contact the airport traffic control tower at 928-445-2160.

GPM Location Map