Taxiway C APMS – Crack Repair and Asphalt Overlay June 11-30, 2015


Taxiway C as well as portions of Taxiways E and F will recive crack seal/crack repair and a 1in. rubberized asphalt overlay.  This project also includes repainting of all existing markings on these surfaces.   Funding is provided through a grant from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and local fund contribution from the City of Prescott/Prescott Municipal Airport.

This project is currently in final phases which requires shoulder grading to be completed along TWY C from TWY E to TWY C6.


Please check NOTAMs regularly for the most up-to-date airport surface closures as access to some portions of the airfield will be impacted during this projects.

During that time it is critical that operators check NOTAMs regularly and maintain situational awareness on the project areas.

Phasing of this project is subject to change based on operational needs of the Airport in order to maintain a safe environment for all airport users and the construction teams.