PRC Electrical Improvements Project


The PRC Airport Electrical Improvements Project is in progress.

The scope of the project will include:  LED taxiway lighting and signage along Taxiway E; new airfield electrical and lighting vault located adjacent to the bottleneck hangars; a new airfield lighting control system, regulators, and backup power generator, and improvements to existing airfield electrical infrastructure.

The $4M project is being funded through a combination of Federal, State, and local contributions.

This project is expected to be completed by March 2016.

It will be necessary to divide this project in several phases, creating various impacts to the Airport and its users during each phase.

Please see the diagram of the project phases and associated impact areas. Please keep in mind that phases will be initiated and completed in a manner that will be most efficient for the outcome of the project, and may be subject to change.  Some phases will require runway and/or taxiway closures.

Airport staff will regularly issue NOTAMs for areas that are closed or that have work in progress, we urge all Airport users to check NOTAMs regularly as conditions on the field may rapidly change.

Electrical Phases