Runway 21L-3R Runway Safety Area Improvement Project

The City will be removing 400′ of Runway 21L-3R from the 3R end and adding it to the 21L end to ensure a full 1000′ Runway Safety Area at the 3R end. The project will also include shifting of Taxiway’s C and D to match the relocated 21L Runway end, replacing 7000′ of drainage ditch… Read more »

ADOT Airport Pavement Preservation Project Runway 12/30

This project includes herbicide treatment, crack sealing, 1-inch asphalt overlay and re-striping of Runway 12/30.  The ADOT Multimodal Planning Division Aeronautics Group is responsible for the design, construction, and oversight of this project and is performing this work as part of State’s Airport Pavement Preservation Program.  Funding Source: Arizona Department of Transportation (90%) and City… Read more »