Airport Development

The Airport is a public-use facility, owned and operated, by the City of Prescott to meet the current and future air transportation needs of the Prescott region and its citizens.  It is our mission to provide a safe, efficient and user-friendly airport through:
  1. Responsiveness to customer and community concerns;
  2. Continuous maintenance, modernization and development of airport facilities;
  3. Supporting existing commercial and recreational activities;
  4. Promoting new commercial, industrial and aeronautical development; and
  5. Operating the airport as a fiscally-responsible, self-sustaining department.

The Airport is used by a wide range of aviation activities including scheduled airline service, corporate aviation, aircraft maintenance, flight training, governmental flight activity (U.S. Forest Service, U.S. military, airborne law enforcement), medical flights, recreational flights and aviation education activities.

The Airport is responsible for the management of the field, planning and implementing development of the airport and its facilities, managing the real property assets, seeking new commercial development and/or redevelopment of existing aviation properties, preparing and implementing the airport budget, and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the airport.

In developing these goals, the City has put forth the objective to develop facilities and infrastructure to enhance the safety, capacity and services at the airport to meet the current and future needs of recreational users, corporate/business users and scheduled airline service through 1) Land Acquisition and Area Development, 2) Equipment Acquisition, 3) Building/Facility Improvements, and 4) Airfield Construction projects.

AIRPORT LAYOUT PLAN (Approved by FAA 2014)

2014 FAA Approved Airport Layout Plan Title Sheet

Airport Layout Drawing

Terminal Area Plan

Building Area Plan South Building Area

Building Area Planb North Building Area & US Forest Service Area

Runway 3R-21L Inner Approach Surface Plan & Profile (Ultimate)

Runway 3R-21L Primary & Transitional Surface Obstructions (Ultimate)

Runway 3L-21R Inner Approach Surface Plan & Profile (Ultimate)

Runway 3L-21R Primary & Transitional Surface Obstructions (Ultimate)

Runway 12-30 Inner Approach Surface Plan & Profile (Ultimate)

Runway 12-30 Primary & Transitional Surface Obstructions (Ultimate)

Airport Airspace Layout FAR Part 77

Runway 3R, 21L, 12, 30, 3L, & 21R Part 77 Obstruction Disposition Tables (Ultimate)

Conical, Horizontal Surfaces & Notes Part 77 Obstruction Disposition Tables (Ultimate)

Exhibit “A” Property Map

Land Use Map


Master Plan Introduction
Chapter 1 – Baseline Conditions
Chapter 2 – Aviation Demand Forecasts
Chapter 3 – Facility Requirements
Chapter 4 – Alternatives Analysis
Chapter 5 – Environmental Evaluation
Chapter 6 – Capital Improvement Program


Appendix 1 – Airport Layout Plan as approved by FAA in 2014 see above
Appendix 2 – Runway Length Analysis
Appendix 3 – Land Use Analysis
Appendix 4 – Passenger Leakage Analysis
Appendix 5 – Lease Rates Analysis
Appendix 6 – Project Documentation
Appendix 7 – Environmental Letters
Appendix 8 – Glossary of Terms

Airport Specific Area Plan (ASAP)