AOPA Fly-In Huge Success!!!


The recent Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Fly-In at Prescott Municipal Airport set a record for attendance among all previous AOPA Fly-In events. With more than 6,300 people in attendance and 565 airplanes that arrived for the event, the Fly-In was a huge success for AOPA and the local community. AOPA hosts four Fly-Ins every year at four different airports around the country. These Fly-Ins provide an opportunity for pilots and the public alike to enjoy the spirit of flight. Each fly in features special seminars, several static display aircraft, and vendors promoting new technology. Prescott’s Fly-In occurred at the same time as Embry-Riddle’s OctoberWest celebrations. As a result, ERAU sponsored a short aerial demonstration for the crowd who attended the event.

Overall, this event was extremely beneficial to the City of Prescott as well as the surrounding areas and drew pilots from all across the nation. For more information on the event and AOPA, please follow the link below.