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Community Outreach Program

Community Outreach – Bringing the Prescott Airport to YOU!

Have you ever wondered how the airport operates, what’s happening here now, what’s planned for the future and how we are impacting the local community?   Now is your chance to find out!


To see how the Airport works, the Prescott Municipal Airport now offers tours of the facility.  Upon completion of the tour, attendees will better understand the role an airport and aviation plays in the local community, as well as the wide range of careers related to aviation.

  • Tours are available to students in grades 6-12, and to any group or organization interested in knowing more about the Prescott Municipal Airport.
  • Tours are tailored to each age group.
  • Tours are available Monday through Friday.  Prior coordination is required.  Special times may be arranged depending on the availability of Airport staff.
  • Tours last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, depending upon student/group interests and questions.
  • One adult must accompany every five (5) children (under the age of 12).
  • Group size should be no more than 20 maximum.
  • The Airport is accessible to the physically disabled, but please call us if you need any special arrangements.

A typical tour can include a variety of the following:

  • A history of the Prescott Municipal Airport (Ernest A. Love Field).
  • A tour of the airport facilities.
  • Following the route of a typical departing or arriving passenger through the Ernest A. Love Terminal Building.
  • Security Checkpoint and the role of a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) representative.
  • Airport Security and the role Prescott Police play in these areas (depending upon Police personnel availability).
  • Airline Ticket Counters and the role of an airline Customer Service Representative.
  • A visit to an airport flight school to observe airplanes/helicopters taking off and landing, as well as learning about what it takes to become a pilot.
  • A visit to the Airport Fire Station to observe the firefighting apparatus, and the roles the fireman perform daily with airport emergencies (depending personnel availability).

Due to federal security restrictions, airport tours unfortunately DO NOT include a visit to the Air Traffic Control Tower.



The Prescott Airport has a community outreach program specifically designed to answer your questions. If you would like an airport speaker to come visit your homeowner’s association, community group, civic organization, or classroom we are ready for your request.  Whether it’s a quick 10-minute presentation or an hour’s worth of questions, feel free to contact us to schedule a date and time to attend one of your upcoming meetings.

Here are some examples of topics you may be interested in hearing about:

  • Airport history
  • Airport operations
  • Economic impacts of the airport
  • Airport plans for the future
  • City plans for the airport area
  • What the airport is doing to protect the community & environment


We will do our best to customize a program JUST FOR YOUR GROUP!  It is easy to schedule an airport tour or request a guest speaker.  For more information about planning a tour of the airport or arranging for airport staff to speak to your group, please contact the Airport Administration Office at 928-777-1114 or  We look forward to hearing from you soon!